Skylights & Roof Windows

Open your home to natural light with our VELUX and Fakro skylight range.

Skylights & Roof Windows

Australian homeowners, including “Selling Homes Australia” and “The Block” judge Shaynna Blaze, are turning to skylights and roof windows to brighten up their properties and provide natural ventilation. If you're thinking about making smart additions to your home, don't look past our skylights and roof windows for your hallway, bathroom, kitchen or other living space.

With both leading European brands VELUX and FAKRO skylights available, picking the right version is incredibly simple with Attic Group’s end-to-end consultation and installation service, ensuring this kind of renovation is stress-free and straightforward for you.

The final result is a home that has more light, is well-ventilated and is generally better to live in. Give us a call or book a no-obligation in-home consultation online now to get started.

Click here for an overview of the FAKRO skylight range  - fixed and opening.

Click here for an overview of the VELUX skylight range - fixed and opening.

Types of skylights

Are you embarking on an attic conversion and want to let more light into your roof space? Alternatively, your bathroom may be damp and you want a skylight that opens without fuss in order to prevent mould growth? Or you simply might want to open up your living space to more light and air.

Attic Group offers fixed, manual opening and electric opening skylights and roof windows, all of which have great features and benefits.

A FAKRO fixed skylight - or a series of them - is ideal for currently dark living spaces. Its placement in your roof means it has a discrete roofline profile giving you seamless integration with your property's existing architectural design. It also offers sound insulation credentials for a comfortable home and is especially good around flight paths or busy streets.

Perhaps you want to place a skylight in the kitchen or bathroom. Choose a FAKRO manual opening skylight if getting rid of bathroom steam or kitchen cooking smells are priorities.

All our FAKRO skylights have thick frames with wide condensation gaskets, while the glass is double glazed for great insulation ratings.

Finally, there's the FAKRO electric opening skylight. If an opening skylight will be placed out of reach this is the perfect solution. To open simply press a button on the supplied remote control. If you live in a location that suffers from wet weather, you'll appreciate the electric skylight's rain sensor. The skylight will close automatically if it starts raining, which gives you peace of mind.


Whether you install a skylight in your new attic space, kitchen, bathroom or even guest room, you might be wondering about cleaning it.

The answer is simple: you don't. Fortunately for you, Attic Group's FAKRO range of skylights are self-cleaning, cutting down maintenance efforts for you.

FAKRO skylights and roof windows have a Pilkington Activ coating, which prevents dust and dirt build-up. This means you'll have clear skylights throughout the seasons, while enjoying a home that's flooded with natural light.


We have a comprehensive range of skylight accessories to suit your requirements,

Our FAKRO blockout blinds are made from polyester, with an aluminium polymer coating. They can be fitted to both manual and fixed skylights and are a good option if you need to limit light in a space - for instance, in a bedroom. They come in beige or light beige. 

The ZTCi wall switch and remote enables you to open and close an electric skylight with ease. Have a chat with your Attic Group consultant about the best placement for this device, whether it's by a door, light switch or otherwise.

If your skylight is placed within reach, a CHF Short Crank Handle is an essential accessory. With a few quick twists, you'll be able to open the skylight with ease.

By contrast, you might elect to install a skylight in a room with a high stud. If this is the case, a SZS telescopic control rod is just the accessory you need. It works in conjunction with a number of skylights and will ensure you can open unreachable skylights without hassle.


The skylight installation process starts with a no-obligation consultation. Attic Group will explain the different avenues available as well as pricing options. Our team ensures your skylights are to be positioned in the perfect spot in order to maximise natural light and ensure proper ventilation. 

Attic Group has flashings for tile, corrugated iron or slate roofs. Flat roofs are not a problem with our custom flashings.

After paying your deposit, we will book in your skylights or roof window installation which normally takes between one and three days depending on the roof and the amount of construction required for the shaft and subsequent plastering and painting. We will also splay the plastered shaft in order to maximize the area that is lit up.

After the skylight has been installed and the frame for the shaft built, we will then organise for the plasterer to attend at the first available opportunity to plaster the shaft. 

We are committed to ensuring minimum disruption to your home so you can get on with your everyday life with ease. We also ensure a clean environment on completion.

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