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Unlock your roof space for attic storage

Feel you have too much stuff and too little space? Kids toys, camping gear, spare clothes, sports gear, paperwork and files,..where can it go?

Why pay for lock up storage when the answer may be right above you. An attic storage area is a smart and economical solution that adds value to your home. With over 40 years experience we offer a complete end to end service starting with a free consultation through to professional installation.

"I don't why I didn't do it years ago!" - Belinda.

Attic Storage is easy!

Creating your valuable attic storage is easy for you - we have done it for thousands of families.

We come and measure your attic space at no cost. We discuss your storage needs, climb into your roof space, assess and measure the space and identify the best access point. We will understand your requirements and offer the best attic ladder for you. We' provide in-depth advice and answer all your questions so you can easily make the right decision for your home.

Roof spaces may contain hazards pre-conversion so it is important to get an attic specialist to inspect the area for you. With over four decades of experience and 40,000 attic conversions behind us we are the original attic specialists!

The options

The options available to you are Basic Storage, Clean Storage and Premium Storage. Each type of renovation has its own benefits and you can even choose to add skylights or roof windows, should you wish to let more natural light into the space.

Basic Storage involves installing an attic ladder, adding battens across ceiling joists in the roof cavity and laying the particle board flooring. It's a great option if you want an easy to access and economical attic storage and most jobs are done in one day.

Clean Storage Many customers choose to add dust-proofing. We line the attic storage with an insulated white cell material which ensures your storage items are kept clean. With up to 30% of the space in your home in your roof space a dust-proof room can add significant space and value to your home.This clean storage solution usually takes 2-3 days to instal with minimal disruption to your home.

A popular request is utilising the attic for more living space. A Premium Storage Room can be used as an office or other occasional-use space and is accessed via an attic ladder. The Premium Storage floor is structurally engineered and is independent of the existing ceiling joists, ensuring stability for furniture and frequent foot traffic.

If you would like a bedroom or bathroom, our award winning Attic Living division can create an attic conversion complete with internal staircase.

Time and budget

Our fully qualified carpenters can install your Attic Ladder in half a day and complete your dust-proof room clean storage project in just two or three days. They'll also clean the site when they're done. This quick turnaround makes this option favoured by a range of homeowners. Premium storage and living spaces require certification. From initial meeting through to your engineers’ assessment, architects drawings and construction time, you should allow 10-12 weeks.

As a budget guide, our attic ladders, fully installed, start from $845 for a fully installed Optistep or $1,145 for an Attic Studio. Including flooring and dust-proofing you should budget an overall project cost of $5-$12K depending on the size of your project and whether you would like to include skylights and ventilation. For a Premium Storage solution, allow $30-40K.


“Tony was lovely and took the time to explain what he was doing. He should be commended for his work.” – George

“A good all round experience. I would definitely recommend Attic Ladders. Thank you!” - Suzie

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Basic Storage Area

Convert your attic with a standard attic storage solution. A quality attic ladder, flooring and battening are just part of the 1 day installation service. More information »

Dust Proof Attic Storage Room

Convert your attic into a quality dust proof room. This attic storage solution will keep your valuables away from dust and moisture. Free consultations. More information »

Premium Storage Room

Convert your attic into a premium storage space. With superior finishing & structural flooring this quality conversion is perfect for heavy foot traffic too. More information »

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