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Unlock your roof space with the installation of an Attic Ladder, providing easy access to a whole new storage area for your home...

DIY or Builder?

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Why pay for storage?

Solve your storage problems and add value to your home by unlocking your unused roof space with an attic ladder from Australia's original attic ladder company. Tucked away when not in use, your attic ladder provides safe and easy access to your new-found storage space.

When you deal with Australia's number one roof space specialist, Attic Group, you'll get to choose from a broad selection of attic ladders and experience service that's second-to-none.

That's the Attic Group difference. We don't just give you an attic ladder - we offer over 40 years of experience. We come and measure your space, determine the best access point, and help you select the attic ladder to suit your needs. We also can install the ladder for you as well as any attic flooring, dust-proofing, roof windows or ventilation required.

If you have DIY skills or you are a builder choosing for a client, you can buy online and install your own Attic Ladder by using the Ladder Selector above. If you need any assistance, just call us Monday through to Saturday and we can help over the phone or come and see you onsite.

"Home Show Sat 28th October, quoted and installed by 3rd November! Can't complain about that! Thanks - very happy!" Syd, Kyle Bay, Nov 2017

"I don't why I didn't get it done years ago!" - Belinda, Mt Riverview

Safe and Secure

As installers of residential attic ladders, safety is our utmost priority.

We abide by stringent safety standards to ensure the gateway to your refurbished roof space makes you feel comfortable. When selecting an attic ladder, you'll be presented with plenty of choice, from the Attic Studio to our Australian-made Stairladder Deluxe. However, you'll certainly appreciate the safety features built into all our products.

For example, our most popular ladder - the Stairladder Deluxe, is spring assisted for finger-tip operation, making it very easy to use and fold away. It supports up to 410kg of weight and is equipped with a full length safety handrail for excellent climbing stability.

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Are there different styles?

Our range of ladders covers the wide-ranging needs of our clients from usage type (occasional, through to regular and heavy duty use/commercial), roof type (truss or conventional), opening size and floor to ceiling heights. We also offer wooden attic ladders and metal attic ladders depending on your preference.

Our consultants can visit your home to assess your need, or if you are a DIY renovator or builder then you can use the Ladder Selector tool and purchase online or give us a call and we can help you choose.

There's an attic ladder for every budget and usage, so you're sure to find something that's right for you.

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Our attic ladders

If you're wondering what ladder is right for you, here are some handy suggestions. The Stairladder Deluxe is the crème de la crème of residential attic ladders, with a three section folding design, a full-length safety handrail and plated adjustable balance springs. It's suitable for frequent use, has a 410kg spread load capacity and is constructed from superior hoop pine timber.

For truss roofs, we recommend the Upgrade which is also perfect for high ceilings with models available up to 3.66 metres. It has a 220kg spread load and constructed from superior fine-grained plantation-grown Australian hoop pine.

If you're after an economy ladder for occasional use, the Attic Studio or Attic Performance models are a great option - particularly if you're dealing with a confined space. It comes ready assembled, ready to install and with full instructions making home installation for the DIY builder trouble-free.

The Attic Performance comes in metal or Nordic pine. The metal ladder holds up to 200 kg and has double hinges, giving it a high load resistance. It's even got an insulated trapdoor to minimise heat loss.

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Online Special: Affordable Attic Ladder designed for function and durability from Australia’s leading Attic Ladder Company. Shop online today. More information »

Attic Studio

Affordable Attic Ladder perfectly designed for occasional use. Assembled and ready to install. Contact us today and increase your storage space. More information »

Attic Performance - Metal

Affordable metal Attic Ladder with 200kg load capacity, durable hinges and double joints. A quality Attic Ladder to increase your storage space. More information »

Attic Performance - Nordic

Affordable timber Attic Ladder with 160kg load capacity and dovetail joints. A quality Attic Ladder made from Nordic pine to increase your storage space. More information »


Affordable Attic Ladder available in timber or aluminium. Designed for floor to ceiling heights and truss roofs. Discover more storage space today. More information »

Stairladder Deluxe

Affordable Australian hoop pine Attic Ladder with 3 section folding hinged together with plated steel brackets. Discover more storage space today. More information »

Fantozzi Truss Attic Ladder – FANTRUSS 10

Fantossi Italian design aluminium scissor folding attic ladder for domestic customers with truss roofs who require the maximum in strength and ease of use. More information »

Fantozzi Electric Attic Ladder – FANELEC 10 / 11

The Fantozzi Electric Ladder combines a well-designed, stylish concertina ladder along with a high-end automated electric operating system controlled by remote control More information »

ClickFix76 Ladder

Quality European attic ladder with easy clickfix install perfect for DIY with highest insulation value in the market. More information »

Let our professional's install your attic ladder.

With over 40 years of experience and thousands of happy customers we are the experts to install your ladder. Our ladders are fully assembled and ready to install by one of our professionals taking no more than 6 hours. Our install service is available in Sydney and Melbourne and through our distributors in Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and major regional centres.

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Install your ladder today and rest assured with our safety standards.

At the Attic Group safety is paramount. Our ladders have a gentle incline making for easy climbing and have a counter balance mechanism for effortless operation and folding away. Plus with safety handrails and capable of supporting up-to 700kg, you’re always in good hands with an Attic Group ladder.

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