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Attic Group is a major distributor of the VELUX range of Roof Windows and Skylights. 

Install quality European Roof Windows with double glazing and 5 start energy efficiency rating. Let light and ventilation in today. 


Windows for attic living space

The VELUX GHL roof window is a top hung window specially designed for low pitched roofs from 15 to 55 degrees. Opening outwards by means of a handle placed at the bottom of the sash, the window creates a feeling of space and provides an unobstructed view.

Light and ventilation

The VELUX GHL roof window is operated by means of a handle located at the bottom of the sash, though the control bar at the top of the window can be pulled forward to open the ventilation flap and is also used to turn the window 180 degrees. This ensures maximum ventilation and easy cleaning, even on the outside.

Double glazing

The VELUX GHL roof window consists of two panes of tempered safety glass dual sealed and injected with argon gas. Designed to protect from heat, noise and UV rays.

5 star energy rating

VELUX roof windows keep the heat out in summer and the cold out during the winter. They have achieved the maximum score 5 stars on the WERS energy rating scheme.

VELUX have a range of other Skylights and Roof Windows to suit low pitched roofs (under 15 degrees and Tube skylights).

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