Skylight Installation

Many people ask us two questions when they buy our attic skylights:

How much does a skylight cost to install?

To gain a complete quote for skylight and shaft installation, simply call us or complete an online lead form and one of our staff will visit your home to carry out a no obligation, free measure and quote.

Of course if you use choose to have your skylight installed by an Attic Group installer, you can rest assured knowing that all our staff are licensed, registered and insured.

There is a reason Attic Group is still a trusted and well known company even after 38 years in business and that is because we provide a quality service. Should you have any problems, we have four branches nationwide and can be contacted six days a week. We will also give you the mobile phone number of your installer.

How do I install a skylight myself?

If you consider yourself as handy around the home you can certainly tackle a skylight installation project. Because we understand as many of our customers are interested in DIY as they are using our tradespeople we have created a video to guide you step by step through the skylight installation process.