Fakro Manual Opening Skylight

fakro manual opening skylights

These Skylights offer maximum ventilation and light that allow hot air to escape and fresh, cooling breezes to flow into the home. 

Manual Opening Skylights are perfect in rooms where air humidity and moisture levels can build up. They are complete with a factory fitted insect screen that can be easily removed for cleaning purposes. They can be operated by a telescopic control rod when out-of-reach, or a small crank handle for within reach applications.

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1 Premium Nordic pine, built with wide, thick frames to prevent warping or twisting.

2 Timber has been laminated for increased strength and stability, vacuum impregnated with preservative and double lacquered prior to assembly for durability and long lasting good looks.

3 The lacquered Nordic pine frame is fitted with wide condensation gaskets for draining moisture to the building’s exterior and other frame seals are laid into milled grooves, not just stapled, to protect the home against water leakage.

4 The exterior is clad with aluminium cappings which have been coated with UV and weather-resistant polyester paint for maximum longevity.

5 There is also a butyl strip to hold down the flashing apron on the roof to guard against wind driven rain in stormy conditions.

6 Double glazing

7 Available in 8 sizes

8 The Pilkington Activ™ coating on the external surface of the IGU ensures that all Fakro Skylights stay cleaner for longer