ClickFix 76 Attic Ladder

$649 inc GST

Price including installation from $1,092, including GST.

Perfect for DIY projects

Brand new Innovative Attic Ladder

Most Energy Efficient Ladder in Australia
Three Section Folding Beech Wood Ladder

The ClickFix 76 ladder stands out due to its ease of installation and its higher insulation value. Its light weight and easy handling makes it perfect for one person DIY assembly and installation with no heavy lifting.

The ladder is supplied FULLY ASSEMBLED from the Attic Group, and suits both truss and conventional style roof structures.

The market for economy style attic ladders has been characterised by strong price competition resulting in comprises in quality. This ladder offers European quality at a good price point with best insulation value on the market and patented “Click-Fix” assembly.

In most capital cities Attic Group or our distributors can offer installation services starting at $450 (install price may vary according to ceiling type).

This ladder has been tested to EN 14975 (European Ladder Standard) test load – 250kg – maximum working load 150kg.

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Click Fix 76 Attic Ladder

Customer Profile

  • Customers who have a specifi c preference for a professionally insulated trapdoor which offers excellent insulation value.
  • Customers with ceiling heights up to 2.74M.

Customer Benefits

  • Tested according to EN 14975 (European Ladder Standard): test load 265kg – max. working load 150kg
  • 3-section folding beech wood Attic Ladder
  • Best insulation value (U-value 0.49W/m2) on the market – 76mm professional insulated trapdoor reduces heat loss by up to 87%
  • Easy operation 3-step click assembly: install the casing, attach the ladder and fasten the door
  • Supplied with plastic architraves and optional handrail included
  • Rubber draught excluder on casing and trapdoor
  • Slip-resistant treads and feet
  • Suitable for DIY installation

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