Custom Ladder – Upgrade Timber

$1,230$1,530 inc GST

This deluxe quality ladder is perfect for regular use in standard or truss roofs. It’s best designed for floor to ceiling heights up to 3.66 meters in Australian timber or aluminium.

The Upgrade ladder can be custom made in reduced sizes to suit truss roofs and also comes in aluminium.

Attic Upgrade Brochure

  • UGT 86 2.6m
  • UGT 96 2.9m
  • UGT 106 3.2m
  • UGT 120 3.66m
  • UGT 86 Truss 2.6m
  • UGT 96 Truss 2.9m
  • UGT 106 Truss 3.2m
  • UGT 120 Truss 3.66m
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