Columbus Electric Attic Ladder

$5,775 inc GST

Size 3.39m – 3.69m

The automatic staircase can be opened and closed with the flick of a switch – two wall switches are included.

Able to be operated from upper and lower floors, the 24 volt motor is silent and has minimum maintenance requirements.

In the event of a power failure, the staircase can be operated manually.

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  • Heavy duty construction in lightweight alloy.
  • Insulated trapdoor 62mm thick.
  • Alloy or plated metal parts.
  • Plated adjustable balance springs.
  • Wide, non-slip step treads.
  • Gentle 65° access slope.
  • Comes supplied with 1x telescopic handrail as standard. the draught proofed timber hatbox supplied is constructed from 19mm plywood and measure 2.40mm deep.
  • Available to reach up to 4.30 metre ceilings.
  • Completely assembled from factory.

Optional Extras

Balustrade – Added security of a rail around your ceiling opening

Ceiling hand rail – Metal loop handrail in ceiling for extra safety

Dust Seal – High density foam dust seal on hatch door

Top opener kit – Allows opening and access from either below or above

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