Dust Proof Attic Storage Room

dust proof attic storage

Why pay for lock up storage?

Want easy to access, clean attic storage? Then our Dust Proof Attic Storage is your perfect solution.

Constructed with durable insulated white-cell material, flooring with battening and particleboard and an attic ladder of your choice, this affordable solution provides you with:

  • A high quality Australian made or European ladder
  • Dust proof area and flooring to suit your budget
  • Full installation service by our qualified carpenters
  • Hassle free site clean up.

We manage your storage solution from obligation free consultation through to professional installation and clean up. And if you want to let more light in, we can add an attic skylight for you.

What do our customers say?

"Having the dust proof storage in our attic space made our lives so much easier and has freed up so much space in our home!" David from Altona Meadows.

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Key Benefits

1 De-clutter your living areas

2 Add value to your property

3 Protect your valuable items

4 Minimum disruption during installation

5 An affordable storage solution