The Cost of Attic Storage vs Lock Up Storage

13 July 2017   Categories: Attic Storage

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Attic Storage can pay for itself in as little as 4.5 months compared to lock up storage.

Struggling with Storage Space?

Storage space is a challenge for families, with over 88% of Australian houses having at least one cluttered room. For many families with young children living in terraces, semis and older style homes on smaller blocks in the inner city and inner ring suburbs, the storage space issue is especially pressing.

Many families pay for lock up storage to help solve the clutter problem – hence the rapid growth of self-storage facilities over the last 15 years. Once a family has taken a lock up storage unit it almost becomes impossible for them to live without it and they have to pay for it month after month.

Basic Attic Storage vs Lock-Up Storage

Lock up storage is expensive. In the Sydney inner west suburb of Marrickville, a “half garage” lock up storage unit (only 7.6 square metres) with lift access costs $330 per month (July 2017 online quote). This is over $3,900 per year, and a convenient ground floor half garage is $530 per month – that is a massive $6,360 per year!

So how does this stack up against an attic ladder and basic attic storage?

A basic attic storage package consisting of an installed attic ladder and 10 square metres of attic storage platform only requires an investment of just $2,495 (for ceiling heights of up to 3.05m). This package consists of a fully installed fold down Performance Pine attic ladder that accesses the unused roof space and the laying down of 10 square metres of flooring and battening to become the basic attic storage platform.

Basic attic storage with fold down ladder:

Attic Group Basic Storage Cropped

Attic Storage Pays for Itself in 4.5 Months

Compared to the lift access smaller “half garage” lock up, the basic attic storage solution pays for itself in under 8 months and adds permanent value to your home

In comparison to the ground floor lock up the figures are even better with the attic storage paying for itself in just 4.7 months!

If attic storage suits your requirements the numbers speak for themselves.

It makes economic sense to invest to increase the value of your home with a convenient and permanent attic storage solution that unlocks your valuable roof space rather than spending money on lock up storage that you will never own and be a drain on your finances.