Lacking Space in Your Home? Take Advantage of Your Unused Roof Space

06 May 2018   Categories: Attic Storage

running out of space unlock roof space

The Attic Group, established in 1975, are specialists at making the most of your unused roof space, so that you can effectively overcome the space challenges in your home.

It Starts with an Attic Ladder, but so much more is possible!

The first step to unlocking your roof space is to buy an attic ladder and have it installed. Attic ladders are specially built for safe access to your roof space. The Attic Group’s extensive range of ladders are all safety tested and contain built in safety features, ensuring that you can frequently and reliably access your roof space over may years to come. Having easy and safe access to your attic is only the first step to realising the true potential of your roof space, the next step is to create an Attic Storage Solutions - there are 3 main types of Attic Storage Transformations.

Basic Attic Storage

The easiest and cheapest option is to convert your roof space into a basic attic storage solution, which includes a ladder, solid flooring and installation all within one day, from $2,500. This is a great option for unlocking a lot of additional storage space in you home without having to make a big investment. This also gives you the opportunity to upgrade in the future should you choose to.

Dust Proof Attic Storage

The next level storage solution offered by The Attic Group is dust-proof attic storage, providing a durable insulated white-cell material, particleboard flooring with battening and an attic ladder of your choice. This option will help you keep your valuable items stored safely for longer in an environment that is better protected from the elements with less risk of damage over time. You can find out about more of the advantages of dust-proofing your roof space here. Starting price for this option is from $6,000 and it will definitely add value to your home.

Premium Attic Storage Room

For an attic solution that is sure to impress and add value far in excess of the cost of investment, a premium attic storage room includes at least one roof window to provide natural light and fresh air, as well as gyprocked and painted walls. Starting from $45,000, this is a popular option for homeowners who want to regularly use the space for a variety of purposes. Read more about what’s involved in getting a Premium Room Attic Storage space in your home.

Attic Conversions

Maybe you need one or more additional rooms for you and your family to enjoy; a bedroom and bathroom, a living room, home office, kitchen area, or kids playroom, The Attic Group can help you expand your living space into the attic. While creating a fully functional living space is a greater investment and needs to meet stricter regulatory requirements, the results are sure to add significant value and function to your home. The Attic Group works with specialist architects and structural engineers, or you can use your own architect if you prefer. The possibilities are endless with this option and will transform your roof into liveable space to suit your growing space needs. This is a great alternative option to building a home extension horizontally or moving into a bigger home!

Moving House Versus Expanding Into the Roof…. It’s a No-Brainer!

With house prices remaining high in Australia’s major cities, moving into a larger house has become a very expensive option. Compare the cost of moving into a new house to taking advantage of your unused roof space and the choice is a no-brainer! Whether you need to de-clutter by making more storage space or want to extend your living space to meet the needs of a growing family, The Attic Group has a solution to suit your budget. Attic conversions are changing lives for the better and adding value to homes across Australia, with Attic Group at the forefront of this rapidly growing trend of homeowners choosing to improve rather than move.

Get in Touch with the Attic Group to Discuss Your Options

The Attic Group is Australian owned and has been the Attic Specialists for more than 42 years – we have transformed over 80,000 homes. We are exactly the people you want to talk to about the process and what to expect. We take care of all the planning and regulatory requirements because we understand the council requirements, height limitations and heritage restrictions and any other limits imposed from council to council.

Contact us on 1300 655 525 for an obligation free appraisal on your attic storage or attic conversion project – we make the whole process easy.