Storing Your Christmas Decorations for Next Year

10 January 2018   Categories: Attic Storage

christmas decoration storage

With Christmas and New Year’s celebrations finished for another year, the time has come to take down the decorations and store them away for another 12 months. Storing your Christmas decorations safely will keep their quality preserved for years to come, avoiding the terrible situation where you pull out your decorations at Christmas time to find them damaged. This guide will help you store your decorations in a way that protects them from damage, so you can enjoy getting ready for Christmas, rather than being a chaotic and stressful experience.

Avoiding Dust, Moisture and Breakages

The triple threat to keeping your Christmas decorations in great condition is dust, moisture and breakages. By preventing these things from having their way, you should be able to avoid replacement for years to come. The best environment for storing Christmas decorations and other items is a dust proof attic space, because it has the potential to provide protection from dust moisture and regular disturbance that would increase the risk of breakages. 

Dust Damage

The main threat to the longevity of your decorations is dust and breakage. Exposure to dust not only makes your items dirty and in need of cleaning, it can cause permanent discolouration and a wearing down of surfaces where cleaning will not successfully restore them to a reasonable state.

Moisture Damage

Moisture will bring mould, rust and discolouration that will quickly destroy your decoration items and electricals. A suitable storage area will need to be dry and sheltered from excessive moisture.


Fragile items that are carelessly stored could break, especially glass or other breakable materials. Keeping your fragile decorations stored in secure containers with adequate padding to absorb shocks is a better option than letting them roll around and bang up against each other.
Storing Christmas Trees

Natural Christmas trees can’t be preserved, so if you buy fresh trees each year, you’ll need to dispose of it. Artificial Christmas trees can ideally be dismantled and stored in a sealable container or bag. While it might seem reasonable to use the box that the tree was originally sold in, the cardboard will deteriorate over time, exposing your tree to pests and moisture. An adequately sized tube-shaped sports bag is a great Christmas tree storage solution if you want to store the tree whole. There are some specialist bags made especially for storing Christmas trees to be found in department stores and online.

Storing Christmas Wreaths

Wreaths need to be stored in a way that preserves their shape and bright colours. We don’t want to find our wreaths squashed flat or no longer round, so we need a sealable round container with enough height and width clearance to prevent any pressure on it from wrecking the shape when stored flat. Another method is to use a round storage container or bag that has a loop for hanging from a rod in a wardrobe or closet.
Storing Round & Odd Shaped Christmas Ornaments

It’s usually the best idea to use the original packaging for storing round and odd shaped Christmas decorations. It is ideal to avoid using cardboard boxes for the outer container where possible though, so using the original mould packaging inside a different container made from more robust material will help to preserve your decorations longer.

Storing Christmas Candles

Candles prefer to be stored in a cool, dry place and are susceptible to melting and losing their shape if the temperature is too high. The cooler the temperature where they are kept, the longer lasting and slower burning they will be when you use them. The ideal place for candle storage is therefore in an insulated attic or below ground basement. To help preserve them and prevent colour transfer, Christmas candles can be wrapped individually in cloth or cellophane. Plastic wrap and wax paper should be avoided to prevent sticking to your candles and making them lose their shape and colour.

Storing Christmas Lights

The best method for keeping your Christmas lights from becoming a tangled mess is to wrap them around something cylindrical. You could use the thick cardboard roll from pack of aluminium foil, a Pringles can or something similar. This can then be stored in a small bag or hung up in a wardrobe on a hangar protected with plastic.

Using a Storage Labelling Strategy

Having a strategy for your storage will make putting your decorations away, as well as getting them out again easier each holiday season. Adding matching labels to each container and the space where they go will keep the storage plan constant each year, so you know exactly where to find things and where they are to be stored. You can either use a hand-held label-maker, print them on your computer or buy some adhesive labels to write on from your local newsagent of office supply store. A useful way to label your Christmas items is to sequence them in order of need over Christmas, or you can label them according to a relevant group name, such as “Tree” or “Dinnerware”. Effective labelling will make finding what you need when you need it much easier.

Need Dust-Proof Storage Space?

The best place to store your Christmas gear is in a dust proof attic space where they will be kept dust and moisture free, while remaining out of reach and undisturbed until it’s time again get them out and celebrate. Get in touch with an attic expert at Attic Group for a free consultation and quote. Happy 2018 from The Attic Group!