Improve Your Health & Declutter for Spring

13 August 2018   Categories: Attic Storage

declutter this spring with attic storage

Create a Healthier Living Environment

Clutter makes your living space harder to keep clean, making it harder to avoid toxins and allergens from building up in your home. Being in-doors a lot during winter can also make it easier for germs and allergens to make themselves at home. Spring is a good time to detox your house once your clutter has been sorted to kill off any lingering microbes that could negatively affect your health.

A clean space is a healthier space, and nothing is more important than your health.

Increase Your Productivity

A cluttered space is bad for productivity and making the effort to organise things will make it much easier to find things and replace them when needed. The clutter in your home can really become a barrier to both efficiency and motivation. Actively organising and cleaning your home or office also increases your energy levels, getting the blood flowing and to get more things done.

Reduce Stress by Taking Control of Your Life

Living amongst clutter can definitely cause stress, which we all know is bad for our mental and physical health. The best way to deal with stress is to do something about it. You’ll feel better having your living space organised, making you feel more in control of your life having brought some order to the chaos of in your world. The psychological benefits of decluttering can’t be overstated and can make a huge difference to your mental wellbeing.

Run Out of Storage? Unlock Your Roof Space!

Sometimes you simply don’t have the space to store everything in your home. If lack of storage space has you up against a wall, there is an alternative to moving out or selling/ throwing things out and that is to expand into the roof and unlock up to 30% more space. All you need is a quality attic ladder and convert your roof space for safe storage. All that unused space in your roof will then be made usable and solve the clutter problem once and for all.

Get in Touch with the Attic Specialists

Is the clutter problem beyond solving with the current amount of space available? The answer is in your roof! Get in touch with the attic experts at Attic Group for a free consultation and quote online to find the best solution or call 1300 655 525 today.