Attic Group Featured on Selling Houses Australia Season 11, May 2018

10 May 2018   Categories: Attic Storage

Attic Group featured on Selling Homes Australia

The Attic Group is proud to be featured on the new season of the popular lifestyle TV show Selling Houses Australia with Shaynna Blaze. In this episode, antique collectors Shirley and Steve in Bendigo desperately needed more storage space after fourteen years of hoarding everything from stuffed alligators to mannequins.

The clutter was off-putting to buyers and it was impossible to get a full sense of the house’s size and features – no wonder it spent eight months on the market and didn’t sell, even after a price drop.

Clutter does not sell houses - solving the Space Problem at Napier Street

Columbus Ladder

At this historic Napier Street home, Shirley and Steve have a serious clutter problem as their hoarding was making it difficult for the agent to sell their house – buyers could not see beyond their clutter.

The Attic Group was brought in to transform their huge, unused roof space into an Attic Storage Room. We installed a heavy-duty commercial grade Columbus attic ladder in the hallway to provide a safe and reliable way to access the roof space frequently. Shaynna placed the attic ladder forward of the door and off centre so that the owners could have the ladder down all the time to access their Attic Storage Room.

So much unused space, so much sense, we helped Shirley and Steve, solved their clutter problem and added value to their home – this is a no brainer!

Bringing Natural Light into this historic treasure

Velux Skylights Selling Houses AustraliaThe front room was so huge, it could easily be split in half to create a third bedroom and still retain a large space to run a home office. Since the back windows were bricked-in, the obvious fix was to install a bank of three Velux solar skylights. The result illuminated the dark corners, banishing the gloom and giving the space a sense of being more open. The difference made was amazing!

Why Attic Group was Chosen for Selling Houses Australia

The Attic Group has earned a reputation for being the market leader in Australia for providing safe and reliable attic access and offering a variety of attic storage solutions to help you maximise the potential of your home. Operating since 1975, we have transformed more than 80,000 Australian Attics, making us the natural choice to assist this space starved couple.

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