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Take advantage of your unused roof space to declutter your home this Christmas and New Year. Don’t pay for lock-up storage!

Creating a Clutter Free Home Creating comfortable living in your home, begins with spaces that are free of clutter to enable this to happen you need plenty of storage.  Most homes have an attic of […]

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dust proof room

Creating Valuable Attic Storage Space

New homes are getting smaller as population density increases in the cities and less of us have the room for a backyard let alone a shed. The need for higher density housing is making the […]

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Dust proof attic transformation with Howards Storage World

Anita Birges, Professional Organiser and decluttering expert has teamed up with the Attic Group and Howards Storage World to take you through the process of transforming your roof space for storage, as well as offering […]

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Improve your health and declutter your home for spring

Create a Healthier Living Environment Clutter makes your living space harder to keep clean, making it harder to avoid toxins and allergens from building up in your home. Being in-doors a lot during winter can […]

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Transform your unused roof space into an attic storage room

As the population increases and housing becomes more dense across our metropolitan areas, storage space is also increasingly becoming a premium commodity. Now that Winter is finally over, the warming weather inspires us to assess […]

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The cost of attic storage vs. lock up storage options

Attic Storage can pay for itself in as little as 4.5 months compared to lock up storage. Struggling with Storage Space? Storage space is a challenge for families, with over 88% of Australian houses having […]

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