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24 November 2017   Categories: Attic Living Space

home office attic conversion

More Australians than ever are choosing to work from home over joining the daily commute to the office. 21st century communications technology has expanded the possibilities of where and how we work, allowing an increasing number of people to opt out of peak hour traffic in favour of the home office. Working from home offers its own set of challenges however, like having a quiet and productive space where you can get the work done. Converting your attic into a home office is a great solution to the life/work balance problem that many home-based workers face.

1 in 3 Australian workers now regularly work from home

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, roughly 3.5 million Australians currently work from home on a regular basis. About 1.3 million of those workers said that they work from home to have a rent-free home office, take advantage of flexible workplace arrangements, for childcare reasons and to spend more time close to family. Many others are starting online businesses or running their business operations from home. This is a fast-growing trend that is enabling new ways to work and live with greater flexibility and convenience.

Achieve Work/Life Balance with a Home Office in Your Attic

While working from home has many benefits, it also creates new challenges. The main challenge is having a space that helps you be productive without constant distractions. Just because you aren’t commuting to work, the hours still need to be put in. Many households just don’t have that spare room available or a private space that can be dedicated to get the work done, and if you’re like me, it’s hard to stay focussed on the task at hand while people are buzzing around you, especially when you are being constantly interrupted. The solution could be in your roof space!

Home Office Staircase Home Office Attic Conversion 2

Most homes are concealing up to 30% more space in the roof, making it a valuable untapped resource that could be converted into an office for work or business. This would create a good amount of space to set out the ultimate work from home area that is separate from the rest of the household. In many cases, if you opt for a permanent staircase instead of an attic ladder, there is enough space to add more than just an office, but also a kitchen, bathroom or an area to take breaks could also be possible. If you want to still be able to supervise young children while you work, an area can be designed to facilitate that too. The possibilities are almost endless, and your attic space can be designed to suit your ideal work from home lifestyle.

Attic Group can make your attic space work for you

Expanding into your roof space and opening up your home with an attic conversion can make all the difference to your lifestyle. Attic Group has helped thousands of households unlock the potential of their roofs pace and have the expertise to help you get the best result. Many homeowners looking to create a home office or other kind of work space have engaged with us to make their ideal a reality, enhancing their productivity from the comfort of their home.

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