Attic Group Wins 2018 MBA Award for Excellence in Housing

02 September 2018   Categories: Attic Living Space

MBA award winning attic conversion

The Master Builders Association has awarded Attic Group as the winner of the Roof and Attic Conversions category at the 2018 MBA Excellence in Housing awards. The event was held on September 2nd in Sydney. The judges agreed that the design and workmanship of Attic Group’s submission required exceptional skill and technical proficiency that was deserving of the award.

Our Submission: A Heritage Listed Treasure in Need of More Living Space

Our entry submitted for consideration is a heritage listed property in Darling Point that was not allowed any external changes. The Federation/Queen Anne period property is positioned on a hill overlooking Sydney Harbour and CBD with beautiful views. The building is one of 6 identical buildings in a row, all of which are heritage listed. Although the buildings were modified as flats in the 1930s they have retained their style, form and scale of the exterior and are a rare cohesive group of buildings in identical styling that have remained intact in the district. Maintaining the heritage aesthetic was non-negotiable, but the owner needed to expand the living space. The best option therefore was to make use of the roof space to achieve the owner’s goal of creating more room.

The clients wanted the roof space to function as an extension to the house, but also wanted it to induce the feeling that you were going on holiday when you went upstairs. They wanted the new living space to contain two bedrooms, an ensuite bathroom and a general hangout space for the family that took advantage of the natural sunlight and exquisite views offered by the properties elevated location.

The Award-Winning Attic Conversion Design

Attic Conversion Design Mba Award WinnerThe outcome of this collaborative design effort was one that satisfied all the requirements both functionally and aesthetically, while adding 45 additional square metres (a whopping 30% more living space) within the footprint of the home. In keeping with the character of the house, to reduce the cost and increase the environmental consideration of the project, several of the exiting materials from the home were recycled. The roof tiles were Recycled to enable the façade of the home to remain original and avoid the garish look of new tiles juxtaposed against old tiles. This also saved the client a substantial amount of money. Within the home, the re-design of the downstairs area converted one of the bedrooms into an open plan kitchen dining area. The south-west facing area in the centre is the widest part of the attic, so this became the living space. A compact bathroom and bedroom were created on the east side, while the west part was converted into a bedroom.

Both the walls and the angled ceilings have been lined with wooden boards, which were whitewashed to keep the space looking bright and airy. This detail refers to the aesthetic of a beach hut or chalet, keeping with the idea of being on holiday. This is complemented by the joinery. Minimal finishes are used throughout the interiors, including white-painted walls, a face brick common wall and light wooden flooring. Although these details are all very contemporary, designers insist that the style is in keeping with the original Arts and Crafts character of the house, located just a few steps away from the Harbour. The loft space is more contemporary however; the timber used for flooring together with the sanitary ware, furnishings and use of the same paint colour mean that the space is not incongruous with the rest of the house, although complements it very nicely.

Letting the Light in

Space and light were critical in the design, and to maximise natural daylight throughout the house, a central void was cut through the entire unit. Materially, the purpose was to keep the constructive logic of the existing building as much as possible, ensuring that the new elements introduced did not cause significant disturbances in the spaces.

There are five skylights in total to ensure there is plenty of ventilation and natural light. The third one tops a new void cut through the house to create space for a free-standing solid timber stair with white balustrades providing access to the attic. The gap it rises through also helps to bring light in through the floors.

Another Home Transformed, Improving Quality of Life

The addition of over 45m? of living space to the unit has increased the functional space of the existing home by more than 30%. For a minimal investment of $280,000, the clients have significantly improved the functionality of the unit and vastly improved their lifestyle. The unit is now spacious enough to provide plenty of sleeping quarters, bathrooms, living and entertaining space for a family to thoroughly enjoy their lifestyle and locality. In a highly sought-after area, the superior finish and size of addition will add value well above the investment required to achieve a large unit of 136m?.

Client Testimonial – Craig Culpin

Craig Culpin, the client and owner of the property that we submitted for the award had this to say about the results:
“We are so happy with our new attic space. From concept to DA, the construction and then completion has been free of conflict or complication. Josip's attention to detail and inexhaustible patience was second to none. We chose the Attic Group on the recommendation of a friend, who had previously used the Attic Group. We could not be any happier with the process and end result”.

Transform Your Home with an Award-Winning Attic Conversion Team

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