Fantozzi Truss Attic Ladder – FANTRUSS 10

truss roof attic ladder

Italian Aluminium Scissor Attic Ladder For Truss Roofs


  • Domestic customers with truss roofs who require the maximum in strength, Italian design and ease of use.
  • Commercial customers who need safe and easy access to air-conditioning, telecommunications, electrical, plant or other equipment.


1 Italian-engineered, tested and certified to EN 14975 (European Ladder Standard).

2 A die-cast aluminium concertina ladder complete with galvanised box frame for strength and longevity.

3 Hatchbox constructed from 1.2mm thick steel and measuring 140mm deep. 

4 The hatchbox is fixed into position using 4 clamps which allow it to be installed into a floor thickness up to 280mm. 

5 The ladder stores completely within the hatch opening. 

6 16-mm-thick trap door from first-choice raw wood chipboard. 

7 The unit has a counterbalanced spring operation for easy fingertip use. 

8 A telescopic handrail fitted to the right hand side as standard. 

9 Two top exit rails for safety and comfort. 

10 Comes complete with operating pole, full installation instructions & fittings. 

Technical Specifications

Model Ceiling Height (C) Standard Size Structural Opening (W) x (L)
FANTRUSS 10 2300mm up to 3000mm 565 x 1000mm


FANTRUSS 10 - Ladder Dimensions
565mm Opening Width Model
Ladder Width 340mm
Useable Tread Width 240mm
Tread Depth 100mm
Fold Out - Rotation (E) 1700mm
Stand Out - Floor (F) 1300mm