Fantozzi Electric Attic Ladder – FANELEC 10 / 11

electric attic ladder

Italian-Made Electric Aluminium Concertina Attic Ladder

The Fantozzi Electric Ladder combines a well-designed, stylish concertina ladder along with a high-end automated operating system controlled by remote control.


  • Domestic customers who require automated ladder access to their attic space.
  • Commercial customers who need safe and easy access to storage, air-conditioning, telecommunications, electrical, plant or other equipment


1 Italian-engineered, tested and certified to EN 14975 (European Ladder Standard).

2 The electric loft ladder is manufactured from die-cast aluminium and stores completely within the hatch space.

3 Can be connected to a 230 volt AC supply via a plug supplied or hard wired.

4 The electrical operation of both the trapdoor & loft ladder is controlled by an infrared remote control (supplied).

5 Unit has a light fitted to the inside of the trapdoor which flashes (amber colour) when it is in operation.

6 Fitted with an automatic stopping feature which enables the unit to avoid obstacles in it’s path once in operation.

7 Emergency opening and manual operation are possible in case of power failure.

8 The treads come fitted with black carpet tiles as standard.

9 The ladder comes powder coated in light grey.

10 The trapdoor supplied is constructed from 14mm thick high quality plywood.

11 Supplied with two telescopic handrails & two top exit grab rails as standard.

12 The draught-proofed hatch box supplied is constructed from 1.2mm thick steel and measures 140mm deep.

Technical Specifications

Model Ceiling Height (C) Standard Size Structural Opening (W) x (L)
FANELE 10 2300mm – 3000mm 700 x 1200mm
FANELE 11 3100mm - 3250mm 700 x 1200mm


FANELEC 10 & 11 - Ladder Dimensions
Ladder Width (inc handrails) 540mm 540mm
Ladder Width 440mm 440mm
Useable Tread Width 340mm 340mm
Tread Depth 120mm 120mm
Fold Out - Rotation (E) 1700mm 1900mm
Stand Out - Floor (F) 1700mm 1500mm