Why Choosing a Quality Attic Ladder Matters

26 September 2017   Categories: Attic Ladders

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In 2017, the market is being flooded with enticingly cheap attic ladders. The major hardware and home improvement chain stores have found overseas sources to supply attic ladders for DIYers that can be sold at a price point to move stock quickly. While the price tag may be low, the compromise in quality may result in buyer’s regret.

How Long Will Your New Attic Ladder Last?

To reach a cheaper price point, compromise must be made. This means that cheaper materials and assembly methods are used, which affect the quality and durability of the ladder. This can result in higher rates of failure and the need to repair or replace your ladder more frequently.
If you need to replace or spend time and money repairing your ladder more frequently, are you really saving money? If your new attic ladder is of such quality that it is cheaper to replace than repair, this is a sure sign of an inferior home improvement feature.

About a week ago, we had a customer request a repair on an attic ladder after 20 years of use. Because Attic Group are attic specialists and the original attic ladder experts, our tech was able to repair it on the spot, ready to be used again. Providing you follow the simple maintenance instructions, Attic Group ladders will give many years of service.

Quality Means Safety

A cheaper, quality compromised attic ladder may or may not pass minimum safety standards to enter the Australian market, but if the quality of materials used is not the best and has a higher chance of failing during use, you are also increasing the risk of injury. Higher quality attic ladders also include built in safety features to prevent injuries and are built to take much more than the weight of an average person over many years.

For example, our top of the range ladder, the Stairladder Deluxe, is spring assisted for finger-tip operation, making it very easy to use and fold away. It supports up to 410kg of weight and is equipped with a full-length safety handrail.

Australian Designed and Made, Built on 40 Years of Experience

Being the original Australian attic ladder company, introducing them to Australia in 1975, our reputation for offering the highest quality solutions is very important to us. Over four decades of experience in designing and manufacturing safe, convenient and easy to use attic ladders has allowed the Attic Group to develop an unparalleled level of quality. Because we directly control the design and production conditions, we insist on using high quality materials. Apart from our broad range of attic ladders, we are also able to manufacture ladders to suit different roof types, such as truss roofs.

A range of carefully selected imported European attic ladders have also been secured from the top manufacturers in Italy, Denmark and Poland. Having so many years of experience being involved with the design and manufacture of attic ladders and fittings, our people know what it takes to produce or source a consistently high-quality attic ladder product that will last.

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How Thorough Are Quality Standards?

As a specialist (and the original) Australian based attic ladder company, we have a lot more to lose than a business that happens to sell a line of ladders among thousands of other non-related products. To survive and prosper as long as we have, it has been vital to perfect our quality control methods throughout the supply chain. All attic ladders supplied by Attic Group are thoroughly quality checked at the factory as well as the shop floor before they are received by our customers.

Attic Group have a performance based assessment carried out by our very own engineers for the Upgrade and Stairladder Deluxe models to ensure safety and durability. Being this careful about quality control is not only a good investment in our reputation, but also greatly reduces the warranty claims on our attic ladders.

The Right Advice

Selecting the right attic ladder that suits your specific requirements can be confusing when you are dealing with hardware store shop assistants. The Attic Group takes the time to understand your exact needs and with our wide range of attic ladders and deep knowledge can recommend the appropriate ladder based on variables such as ceiling height, roof type and frequency of use.

Attic Ladder Installation – DIY or Pro?

The hardware stores that sell attic ladders are aiming mostly at the DIY market. While a competent home handy man can install an attic ladder, there many people who lack the time or skills to DIY install. It is highly doubtful that your hardware store or chain will provide an installation service, nor would their shop assistants be very knowledgeable of the installation process

In metro areas the Attic Group also offer the option to come to your home and install it for you. Getting a professional to perform your attic ladder installation guarantees that the job is done properly so you can be confident that you will have reliable and safe access to your roof space.

There are people who will hire a tradesman to install the attic or loft ladder they bought either from us or a hardware store, but it is worth keeping in mind that when you are dealing with Attic Group, you’ll appreciate the dedicated expertise that a generalist tradesman can rarely bring to the table. Our qualified and experienced installers specifically install attic ladders and perform attic conversions every day. Their specialist experience in dealing with any challenges just can’t be compared.

Let Us Come Over and Inspire You!

We do not just only supply attic ladders, we’re also passionate about helping you make the most of your roof space with skylights, attic storage and attic conversions. We’re interested in your plans and want to offer you something that’s perfect for your situation. You can either visit one of our showrooms where we can demonstrate various attic ladder options, call us on 1300 655 525, and organise a consultant to come to your home and discuss how you can best utilise your roof space and add extra value to your home.