Commercial Roof Access Ideas

21 September 2016   Categories: Attic Ladders

Commercial Roof Access Ideas for Business

Attic ladders have been booming in popularity amongst business owners in recent years, with more and more business owners realizing the range of benefits.

Air conditioning and heating units require servicing yearly – ideally in spring, to ensure that they’re operating at peak performance and efficiency throughout the year for your business and customers. During the year, it’s inevitable that air conditioners collect dust and dirt, which can affect the air quality of your office, as well as the efficiency of the actual air conditioning unit – meaning you’ll end up spending more on energy to power the unit in the long run!

Electrical equipment and cabling is also run through the roof. Mounting television screens to walls is one key example of this, and can be a logistical nightmare whenever the time comes for a new television installation or an office reshuffle.

Often, television antennas are put into roof cavities. It’s important that these are placed in an area that is easy accessible, incase retuning is ever needed or a signal to be adjusted. Likewise for internet – many offices now put routers and modems in roof cavities in order to provide optimal signal strength to the entire office, without an unsightly myriad of cables.

It’s clear that roofs are useful spaces. The problem is often accessing them! It can be a logistical nightmare whenever any one of these roof access reasons come about. From removing roof tiles, squeezing through a manhole and crawling into a ceiling with a dangerous portable ladder, it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are looking to adding attic ladders to their workplaces, in order to provide a safe workspace for all employees and customers, create easy, quick access to ceiling spaces (which brings down the per hour charge of maintenance staff!), and even unlocks additional storage space!

So, which attic ladder solution is best suited to you? We’ve got a rundown of our most popular commercial types:


If safety is your number one concern (as it would be in any business), the Columbus range provides effortless access to roof spaces, without compromising on strength, stability or quality. With a wide opening and a 200kg weight capacity per step, access for staff or heavy equipment will always be possible.

Columbus Electric Attic Ladder

If you’re looking for an effortless solution, this is it. This automatic electric attic ladder ladder opens and closes with the simple flick of a switch. It’s perfect if your site has multiple floors, and can be operated manually at any time as well.

Columbus Junior Ladder

Running tight on space but need maximum safety and durability? Don’t be put off by the name – the Columbus Junior provides just as much as it’s heavy duty brothers. A light alloy ladder that’s perfect for regular usage to mezzanine levels and restricted spaces, with a gentle 60 degree climb like the others in the Columbus range, there’s a reason this is one of our most enquired about products.

Still have questions about what’s the right ladder for your commercial roof space? We’re always happy to have a chat – give us a call now, we’d be happy to answer any questions. 1300 655 525