Performance - Nordic Timber Attic Ladders

wooden timber attic ladder

This ladder is constructed from premium knot free Nordic pine. It’s built tough with a 160kgs rated load capacity and dovetail joints for added strength.

The Attic Performance - Nordic Pine is a premium quality folding 3-4 section attic ladder. It is equipped with an beautifully finished insulated hatch in white and features a soft-touch spring loaded system that enables comfortable pull-down and storage as standard.

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Customer Profile

1 Suits customers who will used the ladder occasionally and who want a mid-range ladder for ceilings up to 3.25 metres

2 Models available for both standard and truss roofs

3 Suits DIY installation as does not require any pre-installation assembly.

Customer Benefits

1 580mm opening for truss roofs and 700mm for standard roofs for easy access

2 Made with Nordic Pine for strength and durability

3 Stable 160kg rated load capacity with dovetail joints for added strength

4 A red safety handle and grooved anti-slip treads for confident climbing

5 Pre-finished white trapdoor spring-hinged and balanced for effortless opening

6 Plastic feet to reduce scratching or scuffing of floors

7 Thermally insulated trapdoor to reduce heat transfer and sound transmission with a special seal to prevent dust from the roof void entering home

8 Comes assembled, ready to install and with full instructions to make home installation trouble free.


1 Constructed from premium Nordic Pine

2 Grooved anti-slip treads

3 Thermally insultated trapdoor

4 Red safety handrail

5 Pre-finished spring-hinged white trapdoor

6 Suitable for DIY installation by general handy person or professional installtion by an Attic Group installer

Technical Specifications

Timber Ladder Frame Size Opening (A/B) Floor Ceiling (E) Standout (C) Foldout (D)
Truss 280 65x111 560x1114mm 580x1126mm 2800mm 1080mm 1590mm
Std 280 68x118.4 680x1184mm 700x1200mm 2800mm 1210mm 1620mm
Truss 305 58x130 560x1284mm 580x1300mm  3050mm 1300mm 1790mm
Std 305 70x130 680x1284mm 700x1300mm 3050mm 1300mm 1790mm
Truss 325 58x145 560x1384mm 580x1400mm 3250mm 1380mm 1880mm
Std 325 70x140 680x1384mm 700x1400mm 3250mm 1380mm 1880mm


Depth 80mm 40mm 115/1380mm
Thickness 20mm 20mm 565/685mm
Width 335mm - 270mm