Performance - Metal Attic Ladders

metal attic ladder

This ladder has a robust construction with a maximum load capacity of 180kgs. It has durable hinges and have a high load resistance due to the use of double joints. It has an insulated trapdoor to reduce heat loss

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Customer Profile

1 Suits customers who will use the ladder occasionally and who want a quality metal ladder for ceilings up to 3.05m

2 Models available for both standard and truss roofs

3 Suits DIY installation as does not require any pre-installation assembly.

Customer Benefits

1 560mm frame size for truss roofs and 680mm for standard roofs allows for easy access

2 Made in powder-coated steel for strength and durability

3 Stable 180kg rated load capacity for added strength

4 Durable hinges have a high load resistance due to the use of double joints

5 Red safety handleGroove anti-slip treads for confident climbing

6 Pre-finished white trapdoor spring-hinged and balanced for effortless opening

7 Plastic feet reduce scratching on floors

8 Special seal around the perimeter of the trapdoor prevents dust from entering the home

9 Insulated trapdoor reduces heat loss

10 Comes assembled, ready to install and with full instructions making home installation trouble free.


1 Constructed from metal

2 Grooved anti-slip treads

3 Thermally insulated trapdoor

4 Pre-finished spring-hinged white trapdoor

5 Suitable for DIY by general handy person or professional installation by Attic Group installers.

Technical Specifications

Metal Ladder Frame Size Opening Floor Ceiling Standout Foldout
Truss 270 - 58x111 560x1110mm 580x1126mm 2700mm 1240mm 1600mm
Std 270 - 70x120 680x1184mm 700x1200mm 2700mm 1460mm 1670mm
Truss 305 - 58x130 560x1284mm 580x1300mm 3050mm 1300mm 1790mm
Std 305 - 70x130 680x1284mm 700x1300mm 3050mm 1300mm 1790mm


Depth 80mm 40mm 115/1380mm
Thickness 30mm 20mm 565/685mm
Width 335mm - 270mm