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Come meet our expert Building Consultant & Estimator Andrew D’Apice at the Sydney Home Show this weekend.

Have you thought about unlocking your valuable attic space and don’t know where to start? In Australia, many homes waste as much as 30% of available space above the ceiling! The attic area often extends […]

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Boost your home’s resale value – Transform your Attic into a Functional Storage Room.

Converting your unused roof space into an attic storage room can add up to 30% more space in your home! Creating easy access to the roof area of your home with an attic ladder can be like adding a […]

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Take advantage of your unused roof space to declutter your home this Christmas and New Year. Don’t pay for lock-up storage!

Creating a Clutter Free Home Creating comfortable living in your home, begins with spaces that are free of clutter to enable this to happen you need plenty of storage.  Most homes have an attic of […]

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What makes Attic Group different from the rest?

As the attic solutions market leader in Australia, people ask how the Attic Group has managed to consistently stay ahead of the competition over the years. It takes real passion to have staying power in […]

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Why choosing a quality attic ladder matters

In 2017, the market is being flooded with enticingly cheap attic ladders. The major hardware and home improvement chain stores have found overseas sources to supply attic ladders for DIYers that can be sold at […]

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Lacking Space in Your Home? Take Advantage of Your Unused Roof Space

The Attic Group, established in 1975, are specialists at making the most of your unused roof space, so that you can effectively overcome the space challenges in your home. It Starts with an Attic Ladder, […]

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