Residential Attic Ladders

Unlock your roof space with the installation of an Attic Ladder, providing easy access to a whole new storage area for your home.


Online Special: Affordable Attic Ladder designed for function and durability from Australia’s leading Attic Ladder Company. Shop online today. More information »

Attic Studio

Affordable Attic Ladder perfectly designed for occasional use. Assembled and ready to install. Contact us today and increase your storage space More information »

Attic Performance - Metal

Affordable metal Attic Ladder with 200kg load capacity, durable hinges and double joints. A quality Attic Ladder to increase your storage space. More information »

Attic Performance - Nordic

Affordable timber Attic Ladder with 160kg load capacity and dovetail joints. A quality Attic Ladder made from Nordic pine to increase your storage space. More information »


Affordable Attic Ladder available in timber or aluminium. Designed for floor to ceiling heights and truss roofs. Discover more storage space today. More information »

Stairladder Deluxe

Affordable Australian hoop pine Attic Ladder with 3 section folding hinged together with plated steel brackets. Discover more storage space today. More information »

Quality Ladders at Affordable Prices

At Attic Group we have an extensive range of attic ladders providing you access to new storage areas in your home. Our ladders can be made to measure from quality Australian and European products; and not only will our ladders look great in your home, they’re affordable too.

“Your installer provided outstanding customer service. He was very careful in his work and in bringing materials into my home and also in cleaning up after the job. He also demonstrated how the attic ladder works so I am all set up for additional storage. Thank you for the communication and keeping me informed of the work. Thank you for a professional and courteous approach.” – Robyn



Let our professional installers take care of your attic ladder.

With over 35 years of experience and thousands of customer testimonials we’re certain that our staff are the right experts to get the job done. Our ladders are fully assembled and ready to install yourself or by one of our professional installers taking no more than 6 hours. 

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Install your ladder today and rest assured with our safety standards.

At the Attic Group safety is paramount. Our ladders have a gentle incline making for easy climbing and have a counter balance mechanism for effortless operation and folding away. Plus with safety handrails and capable of supporting up-to 700kg, you’re always in good hands with an Attic Group ladder.

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Attic Ladders Blog

Stairladder Deluxe - What makes it our bestseller

In the Attic Ladders business, we know that not all Attic Ladders are the same. However, many of our customers are first-time purchasers so it’s good to understand what to look out for in a quality ladder.

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Low interest rates favourable for homeowners undertaking renovations

Undertaking a roof conversion could be a sound possibility, thanks to an economic environment of record low interest rates. Home extensions and the addition of attic ladders are also available as well.

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